Global Trade Management

Our team helps you with world-class trade solutions to augment your team with the right talent, business processes, and technology. With our expertise, we help you reduce cost, risk, and cycle time.

Our regional teams compliment your local needs, from managing in-transit reporting to meeting complex licensing requirements. We help you receive relief from duty and taxes through free trade agreements, special trade programs, Inward Processing Relief/Outward Processing Relief.

Letting your resources manage import operation can cause pressure on core competencies which can affect profit, day-to-day operations, and budgets. RC Freight Forwarders helps you to halt this struggle by elevating your trade compliance program with our expertise, processes, and technology.

Import Operations Solutions

Broker & Third Party Performance Management

Our goal is to help with you with cost-saving, enhancing the quality, and achieving efficient cycle time by identifying a strategic broker. This in turn reduces the number of exceptions at the time of import.

Regulatory Agency Compliance

Customs Clearance will no longer be a nightmare term. With our robust and dynamic process, you will be ready for clearance in no time.

Duty Management

We get duty management done effectively, efficiently, and accurately. With our strategies and techniques, you will find the best solutions.

Make your case with confidence.

We help you build brand confidence with our ethical and trustworthy procedure. Your reputation is our non-negotiable priority

Simplify the legalities.

We are here to make your legalities as easy and elementary as possible. Our step by step process gives you clear visibility on the progress.

Know as you grow.

Your growth will be a constant, sustainable, and measurable growing curve. We produce the best results and not just noise.

Fill in your gaps.

Identify gaps in your day-to-day operations while constantly working could be difficult. We identify them and fix them in no time.

Export Operations Solutions

Did you know companies our held back from new markets due to export operations? The game-changer for profit is proper documentation in the perfect order. In RC Freight forwarders, we focus on getting your company across the globe with our effective management. Our trump card is consistency, compliance, and establishing proactive processes. With us having you back, you can be confident with documentation.

Pre Export Screening

Have you incorporated RPS with your entire export process? Screening only at the time of export can lead to a denied party. This can result in fines, increased governmental scrutiny, and reputational damage to your business. Our team will guide you in integrating the screening throughout the export process.

Licensing & Permits

Possibility to Overlook licenses and permits becomes higher and easier as companies grow. But with our team to help, there is no room for errors. Your reputation our team’s priority. With effective mechanisms, we help you mitigate such risks before even the problems arise.


Export and paperwork are two sides of a coin. Documentation accuracy and wholeness becomes vital as even one incorrect form can stop your products cold, losing your edge to a competitor. We make sure paperwork becomes your asset instead of a liability.

Trade Compliance Health Check

Our Trade Compliance Health Check simulates a full customs audit for your business. With our robust process, you can identify gaps in your trade procedures and fix them in no time. Avail our service now!


If you or your Company is interested in entering into a business relationship with us, Please get in touch with us.

We look forward to being of service!


If you or your Company is interested in entering into a business relationship with us, Please get in touch with us.

We look forward to being of service!

RC Freight Forwarders is one of the leading Customs Broker and Freight Forwarding agencies in South India. We have our head office in Chennai and branch office in Krishnapatnam and Kakinada Ports, on the East Coast of India.

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