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Duty And Tax Recovery Services

Ever wondered if you are paying the right correct duty rates and taxes? Not to worry! RC Freight Forwarders will guide you to identify the right duty, tax, and fee recovery opportunities from classification, free trade agreements, valuation rulings, remissions, and the GST. Get the best at the lowest rate!

Duty Drawback

Most companies have no clue about eligibility for filing a drawback claim. They recover only a minor % of the duty. But our team of experts will figure every small and big opportunity including duty on finished goods and assembles merchandise to get your cash back.

Duty Recovery

Overpaying duties for years without realizing can be hazardous for your company. To help you, we analyze every entry to identify refund opportunities from classification, origin, valuation rulings, and remissions. Real value for yesterday, today, and tomorrow!


Trustworthiness in trade is crucial. Show custom authorities that you’re a reliable trade partner with our supply chain security programs. RC Freight Forwarder will help you to apply for these programs.

Safety And Security Services

Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) Application Assessment

Similar to ISO certification, India’s Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) certification demonstrates proof of organizational health and process integrity. Here, we help you through self-assessment, application, and operation.

World Customs Organizations (WCO) SAFE Framework

Similar to C-TPAT, (WCO) SAFE provides benefits to businesses that meet SAFE-defined standards and best practices. Until recently, 157 of the 171 WCO member countries have signed on. We will help you be part of this framework which is making a real and rapid impact worldwide.

Documentation And Compliance

Well-crafted compliance program becomes essential in saving your business from high-value penalties. With RC Freight forwarders’ compliance programs, we help in reducing risk, increasing your reputation with the customs authorities, and also maximize efficiency with the supply chain.


Did you know accurate tariff classification of goods is a crucial component of trade compliance?
Customs authorities and audits require accuracy. With our team to help, you have the best practices in place for importing and exporting.


Every product must have a value for customs purposes. This might be uncertain and difficult while pricing shipped goods to your sister firm at zero charges? But with our expert team confirming the valuation, no need to fret financial penalties.

Voluntary Disclosures & Appeals

Mistakes are common. True but can also be expensive with custom procedures. Rectifying errors after the designated time-limit has passed can be hard and costly. We will help you to spot and rectify errors well ahead in time.

Audits & Audit Assistance

Audit requests can be alarming. But the best way to deal with it is with confidence. We will help you comply with efficient importing practices. And also answer all questions from Customs in the best way possible.

Export Controls

Onerous penalties for improper export controls are inevitable these days. But with our export control solutions, we help businesses have an accurate, auditable methodology for jurisdiction determination. Assistance with export license is a bonus!

Trade Compliance Assessments

Are you aware of your right level of compliance? With our trade compliance assessment programs, importers and exporters can include a complete risk-lowering review of their importing and exporting practices, procedures, and also business process controls.

Trade Compliance Health Check

Our Trade Compliance Health Check simulates a full customs audit for your business. With our robust process, you can identify gaps in your trade procedures and fix them in no time. Avail our service now!

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If you or your Company is interested in entering into a business relationship with us, Please get in touch with us.

We look forward to being of service!


If you or your Company is interested in entering into a business relationship with us, Please get in touch with us.

We look forward to being of service!

RC Freight Forwarders is one of the leading Customs Broker and Freight Forwarding agencies in South India. We have our head office in Chennai and branch office in Krishnapatnam and Kakinada Ports, on the East Coast of India.

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