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Procedure For Export

Shipping Bill Entry:

On verification of the data, the System generates a Shipping Bill Number, which in turn is endorsed on the printed checklist and this is returned to the exporter/CHA.

The arrival of Export Cargo:

The second stage is all about goods entering docks, inspection, and examination for clearance. After examination and inspection, goods are allowed entry into the Dock.

Stuffing / Loading of Goods in Containers:

The Customs Officer who supervises the loading of the container and general cargo into the vessel may give “Shipped on Board” approval on the exporter’s copy of the shipping bill.

Final generation and export:

If you have a trustworthy customs broker to help you out throughout the process, this becomes easier and less complicated.It is essential to ensure all your goods reach their destination in a secure way.

Procedure For Import


The first and foremost step when the shipment arrives at the border is presenting documentation. The carrier must file the proper documents to the customs agents for the goods to enter India legally with no hindrance.


The Indian Customs has the power and authority to search, inspect and seize all the goods imported into the country to make sure they are admissable and the carrier has followed the government regulations.


The Indian Customs performs an appraisal of the shipment to determine the correct duty payable on goods. Appraisal is usually the process of calculating the taxes owed to the government based on the —— of India.


The final step in the entry process is Out of Charge  Once the Customs reviews the verification documents, taxes, appraisal fee and the validates the goods, it is cleared and approved for Out of Charge. After all this process is over, the importer is free to bring the goods into India.

Trade Compliance Health Check

Our Trade Compliance Health Check simulates a full customs audit for your business. With our robust process, you can identify gaps in your trade procedures and fix them in no time. Avail our service now!

Get Customs Compliance Check To Avoid

  • Fine and Penalty against the management.
  • Increased Controls, more frequent inspection of the goods.
  • Delay for incoming shipment.
  • Unintentional over-payment of duties.
  • Suspension of import License.


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What exactly is the role of a Customs Broker?

A customs broker is an angel in disguise who will help you and even save you from making costly mistakes related to customs clearance. They do this by ensuring all the bond requirements are met and make sure if the paperwork complies with the applicable regulations.

To give you a vivid picture on what all a Customs Broker does predominantly, please check the following:

They ensure all your imports and exports comply with the laws and regulations of all applicable governing bodies at the given time.

They work on preparation and submittal of the required information and payments to Customs authorities on the behalf of the importer/exporter.

They Verify all the required documents and ensure the documentation is completed fully and accurately before being submitted to regulatory bodies to save time and avoid setbacks.

They Verify all the required documents and eThey deep dive into the classification of goods and e ensure that your goods are correctly classified.

With their immense knowledge in this area, they provide personalized advice and contribute effectively to your business success.

If you feel that you can manage all these on your own, we are laying out here the need for you to have a Customs broker and how it can turn out to be a game-changer for your imports and exports.

When an importer imports his goods, automatically he becomes responsible for declaring to Customs what’s being imported, where it’s coming from, and how much it costs. Only after satisfying all these criteria, importer’s obligations are met, the goods are ready for entry by the Customs. Besides the functions mentioned above, the customs broker also performs a wide range of services for services out of which filing the Customs entry turns out to be the core service.

Every step in the entry process have to be completed before the Customs releases the shipment for delivery, unless and until the Customs is satisfied with all the legal requirements, shipment won’t be released.

To be more precise, just like how you’re an expert on your business, your Customs broker is an expert on Customs regulations, tariff schedules, and free trade agreements. Blindfolded, you can rely on them to understand your business and guide you on how to effectively use every means available to reduce your duty liability.

A skilled and reliable customs broker will take the time to get to know your business, your supply chain relationships, and your preferred trade lanes. On contrary to the popular misconception, Brokerage is not just getting the details right but deeper than that. It is a hidden opportunity – to reduce duties, avoid penalties, and eliminate compliance risk. With a trustworthy customs broker, you can be secured and have the comfort of knowing that cost and risk reduction have been covered 100% well ahead of time.


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If you or your Company is interested in entering into a business relationship with us, Please get in touch with us.

We look forward to being of service!


If you or your Company is interested in entering into a business relationship with us, Please get in touch with us.

We look forward to being of service!

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